40-hour Adjuster Property & Casualty Licensing


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Texas Adjuster’s License so highly valued?

Many states recognize the Texas Adjuster’s license as valid in their own state because Texas was one of the first states to establish high standards to earn and maintain an adjuster license. The State of Alabama is one of these states.

In short, take our online Texas adjuster’s training and exam online exam and upon successful completion, you are granted a Texas adjuster’s license which is recognized by many states.

Through reciprocity, you are licensed by proxy to operate in those states which recognize the Texas Adjuster’s license.

The TX Adjuster’s License is reciprocal in 32 states but in cases additional state specific courses may be required. Please check with the appropriate Department of Insurance if you have any questions about Adjuster Licensing rules in your state. Click here to find a link to your Department of Insurance.

2. What if my state doesn’t have requirements to be an insurance adjuster?

This means that you are not required to be tested or have a license. It doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t need training to be a successful adjuster. One reason that the Texas Adjuster’s License is recognized in other states (which DO require licensing) is that licensed Texas Adjusters are among the most informed and competent in the nation. This is precisely because of the robust, state-mandated training that it takes to obtain and maintain a license in Texas.

3. What is the advantage of getting licensed through Adjusterscampus.com?

The advantage is that you are able to get trained and licensed online, on your schedule, anywhere there is an internet connection. Most license training organizations, and many states for that matter, require that you attend a physical classroom setting to become licensed. Adjusterscampus.com provides a way around this hassle, while insuring that you are sufficiently prepared to pass the online exam.

If you upgrade to our Platinum Adjuster’s license course, you also get the benefit of a live instructor to assist you with any questions you may have during your preparation for the exam. This 360training exclusive program provides the speed and convenience bundled with the service of a live instructor.   We have a 100% pass ratio for students using the Platinum program.  For details, click here.

4. Where do I take my Adjuster License Exam?

After completing Texas Adjuster License course of study, an online examination is then administered as part of the package. In other words, you do not have to drive to a remote location and can take the exam on your own computer, in your own office, home, or where it works best for you. With a 70% or greater exam score, you will have earned your TX Adjusters License certificate.

5. Does the exam have to be proctored?

Yes, by a disinterested 3rd party who needs to sign the affidavit provided in the online package.

6. How do I know what is on the exam?

The requirements are set by the DOI of Texas and the 360training.com. Our TX Adjusters license program conforms to the state requirements and gets you prepared for this rigorous exam.

7. Do I have to be a resident of TX to take the TX Adjusters License?


8. Do other states recognize the TX Adjuster license?

Yes! Most states recognize the TX Adjusters license. Check your state department of insurance for the most up to date details. In Texas, go to: http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/licensing/agent/index.html

9. After I pass the online exam for the TX Adjusters License what do I do?

Please refer to the following page on the Texas Department of Insurance website for details: http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/licensing/agent/agfaq.html#120965

10. After I get the my Adjuster license do I need to take CE classes?

Yes – and 30 hrs are required every 2 years.

11. If I have a TX Adjusters license and live in another state do I have to earn CE credit to meet the TX requirement?


12. How do I get help with my preparation for taking this exam?

We offer 24×7 technical support via phone and online chat by clicking support above. Better yet, add a Live Instructor Subscription to your pre-licensing course enrollment. This service gives you phone and email access to our in-house insurance expert and trainer to help personalize your online learning by giving you tailored guidance in preparing to obtain a Property & Casualty, Life & Health or Adjuster License.

Learn more about this service

13. How do I reach the Department of Insurance in my state?

The NAIC offers a website with links to all the state departments of insurance – http://www.naic.org/state_web_map.htm

14. What if my state also offers an adjusters license?

Some state offer a state specific adjusters license. Often these state specific licenses do not enjoy the broad reciprocity agreements with various states as does the Texas Adjuster License. Many adjusters who wish to be qualified to work a large geographic area find the widely accepted TX Adjuster License to be more valuable. If you have questions about state specific adjusters license please consult your respective Department of Insurance.

Additional Information

This course is approved as a substitute for the Texas Adjuster Exam; if completion of this 40 hour course and exam is successful you will be exempt from taking the exam through the Texas Department of Insurance.

For more information on how to apply for your TDI Adjuster License click here to access the Texas Department of Insurance website and go to
question 3. http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/licensing/agent/agfaq.html#three

The Texas Insurance Adjuster Property & Casualty Licensing Course & Exam is approved by TDI for 360training.com, Inc. provider #2700, course approval number 45064EX400.

Once you pass the final at the end of the course you will be eligible to receive your Texas Adjusters P & C License. Upon completion of the final exam 360training will mail your Certificate of Completion within 5-7 business days. You will need to mail that along with your Fingerprint receipt, TDI Adjuster Application and the $50 fee to TDI.

Fingerprints are now submitted electronically to TDI and appointments for fingerprint services can be made with Integrated Biometric Technology at 888-467-2080 or online at http://www.iisfingerprint.com. The license application and address for TDI can be found on the website at: http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/forms/agents.html.

All courses are 100% self-paced, you can start and stop where you want, and our learning management system will bookmark your last point of study. Additionally, we are the only provider that offers 24-hour customer technical support, 7 days per week. All of our courses are highly interactive, competitively priced and very easy to use.

What is an insurance adjuster?

An Adjuster is an individual employed by a property and casualty insurance company or an individual to settle claims on its behalf brought by an insured individual or company. The adjuster evaluates the merits of each claim and makes recommendations to the insurance company. Basically an adjuster is one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement.

An adjuster can be a direct employee of an insurance company, or may also work for independent adjusting companies who contract for adjusting services with insurance companies.  Other adjusters are their own independent contractors and contract their services to insurance companies or adjusting bureaus.  In short, being an adjuster offers job stability, flexibility and and the opportunity for a rewarding professional career.


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